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Liquid Siding

Spray on siding is a new way of protecting your home, but without the regular paint jobs and maintenance that are associated with paints, vinyl and aluminum siding. Spray on siding is a unique combination of resins and polymers that form a liquid that can be sprayed directly onto your home. The same amount of protection that would be gained from other siding materials is also gained from spray on siding. However, other siding options may need to be repainted or replaced within years, but spray on siding lasts for thirty years or more. Furthermore, spray on siding won't substantially alter the look of your home like more traditional vinyl and aluminum siding materials can.

There are many benefits to spray on siding which include:

  • One application of this material lasts decades longer than traditional siding options.
  • It covers much better than paint and also retains a fresh new look longer than regular paint.
  • In comparison to other siding options, such as vinyl or aluminum siding, spray on siding eliminates the hassles associated with nails and hangers and sagging or damaged pieces of siding.
  • The liquid nature of spray on siding makes it possible to choose from thousands of color options.

When it comes to liquid siding color, the color is formulated right into the vinyl. Other siding options, such as vinyl and aluminum siding, are only available in a limited selection of colors. Take advantage of the many color choices available with spry on siding and make your house stick out!

Another benefit includes the fact that this material can be applied to practically any surface. This includes wood, stucco, vinyl, galvanized steel, aluminum, brick, and even concrete surfaces. Furthermore, you don’t have to remove your current siding in order to apply spray on siding and you won’t have to worry about it cracking, splitting, bubbling, blistering or flaking off. This material is specially designed to resist such things from happening. It resists dirt and grime as well.

The one fall back to spray on siding is that is has developed a bad reputation due to a series of irresponsible companies poorly applying the product. This is mainly an issue of the past because reputable companies have made-up for the mistakes of those in the past. However, it is still extremely important that you choose your spray on siding company very carefully. Always ask for references and be sure to check them. Also, expect to receive a 100% guarantee for the product and service and look for an extended warranty as well.

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Liquid Siding could be the right match for you and your home’s needs. However, you'll want to make sure you are choosing the right siding material for your home and your budget. If you would like to find out if liquid siding will work for you, we offer Free Siding Quotes from top quality local contractors.

Siding 101

There is a lot to know and to understand about siding before making an informed decision on the siding that is right for your house. You may be surprised, but it’s more than just the way it looks on the outside of your home. To truly understand siding, you must first understand what its importance is and how it is applied.

Shopping for Vinyl Siding

Any conscious consumer is wise enough to keep their budget in mind while shopping around for new siding, or any other item for that matter. Siding, in particular, can be broken down into the cost for installation and the cost for material. These are the two areas that you should focus on when trying to purchase the best siding option that fits into your budget. Furthermore, their will be additional costs for maintaining your siding that you should make sure to consider.

Siding Preparation

Of course you are paying to have your siding installed and most of the work rests in the hands of the professionals you have hired, but before the professionals arrive at your house there are a few things that you can do to prepare for them. The good news is that these things are not very difficult or time-consuming at all. In fact, it should only take you a few minutes.