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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is extremely popular with homeowners for several reasons.  For starters, vinyl is significantly cheaper than other siding options, but this doesn’t mean that vinyl is of poor quality. Considerable improvements have been made to vinyl to make it far more resilient and attractive than it once was. Other benefits include low maintenance, a variety of styles and colors, and lower cost of installation.

In many ways vinyl siding resembles wood, but it is way more affordable. Additional differences include the variety of design options that vinyl comes in.  Options include a wide array of colors and forms as well as styles that include scallops, shingles, and fish scales. Furthermore, vinyl siding is simple to install, however professional installation will offer the best results.  Also you will want to speak with your professional installer about the insulating properties of vinyl. They will be able to further explain how vinyl does not have the insulating properties that wood, steel and aluminum siding provide.

Durability is another great quality of vinyl. It really depends on the grade of vinyl you get, but vinyl siding can be extremely rigid, strong and resistant to damage. It is made from polyvinyl chloride which is a very durable material. In addition to durability, the color in this material goes all the way through each piece. This is a great quality because if it chips or scratches then the damage will be practically invisible. Furthermore, homeowners do not have to repaint vinyl. 

Selecting the Right Grade of Vinyl Siding:

Make sure to select a quality grade when choosing the vinyl siding that is right for your home. Selecting a higher grade is well worth your money considering the fact that cheap vinyl siding does not hold up as well in windstorms and temperature changes. It also does not offer the beauty that a higher grade can. Some homeowners go with a lower grade because it is less expensive, but low-grade vinyl siding doesn’t offer the wonderful warranties that you will find with higher grades and it also costs the same to install.

Things to know about Vinyl Siding: 

  • Vinyl requires very limited maintenance. In fact, cleaning vinyl siding can be done with your hose and a little soap and water!
  • Vinyl is significantly cheaper than other siding options.
  • Vinyl siding can be extremely rigid, strong and resistant to damage.
  • Vinyl comes in a variety of design options. 

Interested in More Information in Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl Siding could be the right match for you and your home’s needs. However, you'll want to make sure you are choosing the right Siding material for your home and your budget. If you would like to find out if vinyl siding will work for you, we offer Free Siding Quotes from top quality local contractors.

Siding 101

There is a lot to know and to understand about siding before making an informed decision on the siding that is right for your house. You may be surprised, but it’s more than just the way it looks on the outside of your home. To truly understand siding, you must first understand what its importance is and how it is applied.

Shopping for Vinyl Siding

Any conscious consumer is wise enough to keep their budget in mind while shopping around for new siding, or any other item for that matter. Siding, in particular, can be broken down into the cost for installation and the cost for material. These are the two areas that you should focus on when trying to purchase the best siding option that fits into your budget. Furthermore, their will be additional costs for maintaining your siding that you should make sure to consider.

Siding Preparation

Of course you are paying to have your siding installed and most of the work rests in the hands of the professionals you have hired, but before the professionals arrive at your house there are a few things that you can do to prepare for them. The good news is that these things are not very difficult or time-consuming at all. In fact, it should only take you a few minutes.